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TrikyTrail AR Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Every day, technology is making our regular world a bit more spectacular. Take your average card game. It can have some cool art and all, but add in a special app, and the same game can become an Augmented Reality adventure. That's what you have in TrikyTrail, a new card game that'll take you all over the world and back again. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

TrikyTrail is a modern card game which is fun, innovative, highly educational, multifunctional and perfect for every occasion. Four decks of cards representing the five continents + one special Bonus deck entirely dedicated to the States and Provinces of Canada and the States of the United States of America. TrikyTrail is the perfect gift for your adventurous friends or your children/family. You can buy one deck at a time or buy the entire collection straight away. Anyhow you will not be disappointed! 

TrikyTrail will make you travel thanks to its amazing Augmented Reality App and will give you the buzz to discover our world with all the information it contains. TrikyTrail is also a phenomenal game to learn geography without effort while playing. The game is linked to a more complex website via QrCode to function as a mini tourist guide always at your fingertips. With trikyTrail you can also play all the standard card games, the French Tarot and all the games that require the use of Neapolitans cards. 

With TrikyTrail we really thought of the all shebang, for players who wants everything, not only the moon but the entire world!

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 33 days.