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Trick or Treat in Malifaux

If there's one season that the folks over at Wyrd seem to love most, it's Halloween. They love it so much, they couldn't let their little figures in Malifaux go without some candy-getting, spookiness-having fun. So, they've created some new items for the game so your figures can get their ghost and goblinin' on.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo decided he wanted to trick-or-treat a little bit early. He dumped candy onto all of our desks and paraded around, making a big show of doing costume changes and having us put candy into his small Halloween bucket. So far we’ve seen a sheet ghost, a cowboy, a Lord Chompy Bits with two fake arms, and one of Colette’s Performers. Since Waldo’s in the festive spirit, we thought it would be fun to help you bring that same spookiness to your games of Malifaux!

First up is All Hallow’s Eve, a special story encounter that pits the nefarious Carver against some of Malifaux’s best schemers. They must try and escape before they’re hacked and slashed to bits. Check it out here:

The second is a sweet Strategy that involves candy (not the evil child, the kind with chocolate and sugar). Crews need to go from house to house collecting this candy and avoiding tricks: score VP by chowing down on delectable treats. If you’ve got bags of Halloween goodies, this Strategy is one you can’t miss: