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Tri-Hand Card Game Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

We've all probably played Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's a pretty ubiquitous game, dating back hundreds of years. Tri-Hand takes the game and adds in new elements. It's a deck of cards to play not only Rock, Paper, Scissors, but also a whole host of other games. The deck will be making its way to Kickstarter next month.

From the website:

Devise a unique and original Tri-Hand game play and send it to us at If it‘s good we’ll publish it on our website, credit you for creating it and you’ll be helping to make Tri-Hand as versatile and popular as a standard deck of cards.

A great game for people of all ages to enjoy, all over the world. Enter your details opposite and subscribe to our mailing list to receive a ‘print and play’ PDF version of the Tri-hand cards. Try it, see how simple or surprisingly strategic the game plays can be.