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Treasures of the Troll King RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

A new adventure for Mork Bork is up on Kickstarter. It's Treasures of the Troll King and it will take players deep below the festering city of Galgaenbeck. Can you survive the deep, dark, cramped quarters and come out much richer for your travels?

From the campaign:

Treasures Of The Troll King: a MÖRK BORG Adventure is an RPG sewer-crawl adventure by Chris Bissette, with art by Johan Nohr.

Galgenbeck is palimpsest. Tumour. A city built on the ruins of itself. Beneath the sewers the bones of the old city fester.

The troll-king Niduk was exiled, driven into the depths to rot and die. Now twisted by hatred and rage he oversees the small domain he has carved for himself, in a forgotten chapel to a murdered god.

Why are you here? A lost bet? A doomed quest for silver? Boredom?

Does it even matter?

The campaign's making its way to 10x funded with 9 days left to go.