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Traveller 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

Traveller. It's one of the giants of the RPG world.
Also, you can die in character creation.
But that aside, there's a new edition in the works, and it's up on Kickstarter now in order to be funded (spoilers: it has, several times over).

From the campaign:

Traveller is back and it's better than ever! 

We've listened to your feedback over the past couple of years and have returned to bring you what you've all been asking for: a brand new print run of Traveller Fifth Edition complete with errata and a handful of useful upgrades!

We are also incorporating the lessons learned after that edition: feedback on systems, errata, and even some new systems. Most evident is our new, easier-to-use format. The original Traveller, many years ago, was three Little Black Books (LBBs) - 48-page black-covered booklets with the titles Characters and Combat, Starships, and Worlds and Adventures. We're formatting this edition as three Big Black Books (BBBs) with the same titles, but 280 pages (Book 1) or more (304 pages for Book 2 and Book 3), and all in a slip case.  

We have been working on this project constantly since 2015. Oh, there were breaks along the way. After the last printing, I was inspired to write the Traveller novel: Agent of the Imperium; somewhere in there, I had a quadruple bypass (I'm recovered, thank you). But we've been playing Traveller5 and working through its rules and concepts.

Now is the time for a reprint. 

Adventuring In The Traveller5 Universe. The Traveller5 Core Rules are a foundation, and  they support all sorts of adventuring within the rich Traveller universe. To help get everyone started, we have created a set of five Traveller EPIC Adventures: "The Voyages of the Free Trader Insert-Name-Here." This 32-page PDF follows the exploits of any Free Trader as it wanders through Regina subsector in the Spinward Marches. We'll release it at the same time the physical books ship (that is, in August). 

As I mentioned, the campaign's well over its funding goal (it's at ~4x funding at time of posting) with 34 days left to go.