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Traffic James Coming for Rumbleslam

I have to admit, the story behind Traffic James is dear to my heart. The name started as a typo in a Dropfleet Commander book. As an editor, I have a soft spot for those typos that make it through multiple rounds of editing and simply refuse to die. So, what would have been Traffic Jams turned into Traffic James. Well, now he's getting his own Rumbleslam figure. Have yourselves a look.

From the article:

He’s the sexy air traffic controller you never knew you needed.

We have a new RUMBLESLAM wrestler coming your way on Friday as our 2021 Exclusives go up on pre-sale!

We’ve seen luchador halflings, skeletons in mankinis, and mechanical dwarf-made golems. However, this guy may take a little explaining. It’s kind of a deep cut in-joke, but here we go!