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Traders Galaxy Taking Pre-Orders for Bot Wars

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

This is a Giant Robot Alert that'll also hit most of us right in our Nostalgia Centers. Traders Galaxy is taking pre-orders for their new sci-fi miniatures game, Bot Wars. Many of the figure designs look pretty familiar.

From the announcement:

The year is 1985.  The Earth is still recovering from the first Atlantican war.  The arrival of giant sentient machines called Bots were instrumental in saving humanity from a life of pain and servitude.  With the Atlantican war over, the new war between the Bots has begun… Welcome to Bot War!


Take command of earths mightiest champions or the insidious forces that seek to destroy and enslave.  Unleash super abilities and special attacks over a tabletop battlefield as Bots, Aliens, Monsters and Machines battle to determine the fate of the Earth.


Contents of the starter set -
5 Valiants*
6 Atlanticans*
11 stat cards
5 purple attack dice
5 red shield dice
4 black critical dice
1 green d6 dice
50 energy cubes
1 Tape measure
1 printed second edition rulebook

+++Preorder the Bot War Starter Set in July and receive an exclusive Valiant Broadsword model free! +++