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Tour de Force RPG Coming Soon

You know, I love games with a unique premise. In this case, we have a Role-playing game all about the competitive world of bicycle racing. For those that play Flamme Rouge and wish you could really get down in there and onto your bikes, this is the game for you. It's called Tour de Force and it's going to be on Kickstarter early next year.

About the game:

Tour de Force (or TdF) is a variation on the Role-playing game genre, though it is probably unlike any that you might have played before. In TdF, the players take control of a team of professional cyclists and compete against one another in some of the most iconic races on the World Tour Calendar™. This then is the first big difference between TdF and traditional RPGs - it is competitive, and in TdF there’s a winner. Another major difference is the interaction between players. Because the game is competitive, rather than collaborative, the interaction can occur more through the player’s actions than their conversations. The final significant difference is that in Tour de Force, the referee can win (and often does)!
The #TdFRPG rule system has been a real labour of love. There are many, many elements which can affect the outcome of a Professional Road Race, and achieving the right balance between accuracy and playability hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had to drop a number of rules that we really liked, as they just didn’t sit well within the overall flow of the game. The current system (we hope) allows for an accurate and playable simulation of Cycle Racing within a role-playing setting, but as such it is important to be familiar with how the sport works in the real world, in order to get the most out of that simulation. Victory on the line can only be achieved through a strong race strategy, sound tactical decisions and an ability to conserve energy until it is needed. With this in mind we devote a section of the rulebook to the tactics and terminology of the sport of Professional Cycle Racing.
By closely linking the mechanics of the game to those of the sport itself we hope to encourage and promote a better understanding and appreciation of that sport, and this was our primary motivation when designing the game. By adopting the narrative approach, the game is able to convey a far more rich and diverse range of settings than would be possible with a traditional board and counters, whilst also providing an insight into the atmosphere and the spectacle that surrounds this truly extraordinary and wonderful sport.
Tour de Force is an obvious and unashamed play on the words ‘Tour de France’, and it’s French for ‘A Feat of Strength’, which is a pretty accurate description of Pro Cycling in general. It is also, however, a popular phrase which, when Googled defines the meaning as: ‘a performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill.