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Torpedo Dice Available From Stratus Games

The main armament of many submarines, torpedoes are deadly beneath the waves. Avoiding them and making sure you can fire back at your opponents is paramount. That's what you'll be doing in Torpedo Dice, a new roll and write game from Stratus Games.

From the website:

Torpedo Dice is an interactive roll & write game where the numbers on the dice don’t matter, but the pips do! Players draft dice to fire torpedoes at their enemy’s submarine, trying to destroy its vital systems such as the engine or propeller. Shots are fired in the formation of the pips shown on the chosen die. Be the first to destroy your opponent’s submarine to win!

You can improve your shot by using the systems shown on your own ship’s dashboard to modify your die. Add or remove pips, align your shot, flip your die, or clone another player’s die to maximize damage to your enemy while minimizing the number of lost torpedoes — if you waste too many spare torpedoes, your ship will sink and you will lose!

With high-quality dry erase boards and markers, two levels of difficulty, and challenging solo play, this family-friendly roll & write game is bound to be a favorite for years to come!