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Torg Eternity: Aysle Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Torg Eternity sure has been blowing up the charts since its recent return to tabletops. Players are looking for more cool adventures to add to their collection, and another is up on Kickstarter now. Aysle continues the Possibility War (it's not just possible, it's actually happening). Backers can also possibly help bring more to the game, with the ability to create new Archetypes for the game.

From the campaignn:

Aysle continues the Possibility War started in Torg Eternity. Storm Knights rise to battle High Lord Uthorion and his army of darkness. A supplemental sourcebook for Aysle, an extended adventure book set within Aysle, and multiple extras and surprises help you continue and expand your table-top role-playing game experience in the evolving world of Torg Eternity

Want to add your own hero to the ranks of the Army of Light? You get everything in the Aysle Treasure Coffer Pledge Level, plus we’ll work with you to create an official Core Earth or Aysle Archetype! This includes one custom Perk, Spell, or Miracle, plus art for the character, and the character you help create becomes the “iconic” version of that Archetype.

These Archetypes become part of the game and are available as a bonus to all backers who receive the normal digital Archetypes. The archetype is the property of Ulisses and we reserve the right to refuse any names or other features of the character that we consider inappropriate (such as inflammatory or vividly "against theme").

The campaign's around 7x funded, but there's only 8 days left to go.