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Tome of Many Things Up On Kickstarter

One things that players want is more. More classes, more races, more archetypes, more gear, more spells, more gadgets, more weapons, more enemies to fight, more, more, more. Well, that's what you get in the Tome of Many Things, up on Kickstarter now from Terran Empire. It's got classes, monsters, spells, feats, alternate rules... A little bit of everything.

From the campaign:

Players and DMs alike, rejoice! The Tome of Many Things is here to elevate your D&D 5th Edition games with a metric ton of new content! Compiled within the ancient pages you will find:

  • 7 New Classes & 35 New Archetypes
  • 100 New Feats
  • 15 New Weapons & 25 New Alchemical Items
  • 40 New Magical Items
  • 20 New Spells
  • 20 New Monsters (Including Kaiju!) & 40 Mundane NPCs (Like the Dwarven Mushroom Farmer & the Surly Waitress!)
  • Optional Rules! (Addiction, Allergies, Assets & Liabilities, and Alignment Score!) 

The Tome of Many Things will be offered as a full-color, bookmarked PDF or as a high-quality softcover collector's edition (with a variant cover art)! 

The campaign's closing in on 2x funded with still 23 days left to go.