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Tokyo Sidekick Relaunches on Kickstarter

Often, the super heroes underestimate the foe that they're fighting. They go in, ready to serve out justice, but get blasted back. But heroes never give up. They regroup, reconfigure, restrategize, and head back in with a bigger, better, bolder plan. And that's what Japanime Games has done with the relaunch of their Tokyo Sidekick board game over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

In a world where Variant Humans exist, evil is always just around the corner, and our Heroes can’t handle it alone--every Hero needs a Sidekick!

The underground world you’re about to discover has so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to fight to save the city to discover it all!

Winner of the prestigious Tokyo Game Market award, this immense co-op game is the biggest game ever to come out of Japan!

The campaign is about 5/6 of the way to its funding goal with 15 days left to go.