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Tokyo Sidekick Coming Back to Kickstarter Next Week

The heroes don't always win the first time out. They might run into a baddie that's just too tough and sends the heroes packing. But the heroes never give up. They regroup. Plan some new strategies. Maybe get some new gear. And then they head back to victory. That's what Japanime Games is hoping for when they relaunch the Tokyo Sidekick Kickstarter next week.

From the announcement:

Tokyo Sidekick is almost done preparing to kick butt once again! We've taken the feedback we received and tightened up the campaign to bring a better, more exciting experience on August 18th!

My Hero Academia fans won't want to miss the feeling of traversing Tokyo, solving incidents and fighting dastardly villains to keep Tokyo safe. Tokyo Sidekick is perfect for your superhero board game fantasies!