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Today's PaizoCon Online Schedule

Today's the first day of PaizoCon Online. Want to know what's happening when? Well, Paizo's posted up a handy schedule of events. Just be online at the right time and in the right URL and you're ready to go.

From the website:

Friday, May 28

Know Direction Pre–Seminar Discussion (11–12 pm)

Paizo Marketing and Media Manager Aaron Shanks and Know Direction presenters Ryan Costello, Jefferson “Perram” Thacker, and Loren Sieg talk about upcoming events occurring at PaizoCon Online 2021.

Welcome to PaizoCon & Publisher Keynote Address (12–1 pm)

Join us as host Alex Speidel officially opens PaizoCon Online 2021. We start off with a welcome from President Jeff Alvarez. Next up is a keynote address from Publisher Erik Mona, including a sneak peek of some upcoming projects. We wrap the show with some convention logistic news from Organized Play Manager Tonya Woldridge.

Behind the Pages: Galaxy Exploration Manual (1–2 pm)

Discover the upcoming Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual with some of its creators as your guide! Together we’ll uncover its exciting secrets—character options, biomes, exploration, toolboxes, and more—all while sharing tales of how the book came to be.

Tales from the Page: Know Direction Interview with Starfinder Designer Joe Pasini (2–3 pm)

Know Direction staff Ryan Costello and Jefferson “Perram” Thacker interview Starfinder Designer Joe Pasini.

Tales of Lore: Tournament of Champions! (3–4 pm)

Step into the ring with the creators of the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path! In this no-holds-barred panel, writers and editors share stories about working on the latest chapter in the Ruby Phoenix’s epic saga before answering all your burning questions about Golarion’s greatest tournament.

Tales from the Page: Know Direction Interview with Pathfinder Developer Patrick Renie (4–5 pm)

Know Direction staff Ryan Costello and Jefferson “Perram” Thacker interview Pathfinder Developer Patrick Renie.

Secrets of Golarion (5–6 pm)

Learn about what’s between the covers of the Lost Omens books and what’s behind the scenes. Join some of the crew steering the world of Golarion to hear about what’s going on in the world and what’s coming. We’ll be answering as many questions as we can—but not all secrets will be revealed.

Live Play: Starfinder One-Shot Band on the Run with The Dragons & Things Network (6–10 pm)

Fan-favorites Xander Jeanneret, Katie Wilson, Gabe Hicks, and Michelle Nguyen Bradley reunite for another evening of mischief and mayhem, this time as they take their Band on the Run!