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Tin Crowns Ponyfinder Supplement Now Available

Silver Games first introduced the False Queen in the From the Ashes supplement for Ponyfinder. But now, it's getting fleshed out fully, with new options as a full pony sub-type for your players to choose. You can get Tin Crowns now.

From the website:

A lean in on the False Queens, originally introduced in From the Ashes. Now presented as an option for all the ages of Everglow, or beyond. You can even be a human one, if you care to take on that curse. Can you rise to become the ruler your people desperately need while wrestling with your own fury at your imperfections?

  • PF1/PF2/5E: False Queens as a pony sub type and by itself in whole new ways.
  • PF1/PF2/5E: 18 purposes to focus your rulership on.
  • PF2: 13 new feats
  • PF1: 8 new feats, 2 new traits
  • 5E: 2 new feats
  • The history and purpose of the False Queens and how they fit in the greater world.