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Time & Tide RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

There's another ZineQuest Kickstarter to tell you about. This one is called Time & Tide. It's all about SLA Industries and the work that goes into their games. If you want to read interviews with the creators, you can. If you want a new mall for your players to run around in, you can find that. If you want some fan-created art and fiction, it's in there. The zine is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Time & Tide is my love letter to the World of Progress. Rather than focus on new rules or crunch this zine will dissect the heart & soul of SLA Industries.  What about this game has led to such a die-hard fanbase to still be active and growing after almost thirty years in print? Answers to this question will be attempted using essays, photos, fiction, interviews, art, social media posts and even recipes. Contents will include:

  •  Is it future or is it past? An essay comparing the themes and setting for SLA with those found in Twin Peaks and the dischordian ideas surrounding the KLF
  •  Real Talk / Real Time An interview with Jared and Mark from Nightfall Games about their thoughts on the creation process for SLA Industries
  •  The Mall of Progress Designing new brands and a massive downtown shopping center to capture the disturbing nature of capitalism
  •  Fan Service A chat with Ste Winwood about his love for SLA and how it led him to create and maintain several active fan forums online
  •  So Dark They're UV Exploring the horrors of the BPN gig economy 
  •  Dark Lamentations Fan created art & fiction, including work by Stuart Burns, Roger Duthie, and Ste Winwood
  •  Underneath It All A SLA Industries short story by Tamsyn Kennedy
  •  The Bigger Picture A personal account of how SLA Industries fandom helped one person through personal struggles
  •  CS1: Cake Sector One SLA themed baked goods! 


Following the ZineQuest guidelines, Time & Tide itself will be 100 pages, A5, have a thin card cover, and is staple-bound. In addition to this any backer who has accessibility needs will have provisions put in place to get all the content in a suitable format (large print, text files, etc). I'll be creating the master copy by hand, using chop'n'paste collage methods to cut up blocks of text, art  and other media then taping it all together. This will be photocopied into a final item that gives that old school zine look and feel. 

The campaign's well up and over its funding goal with still 11 days left to go.