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Time Bomb Evolution Coming Next Week From iello

Moriarty, one of the most diabolical characters in all of history, has rigged explosives all around London's greatest monuments. It's up to Sherlock Holmes and his assistants to find them, disable them, and figure out Moriarty's greater plot. That's what you'll be doing in Time Bomb Evolution, a new game coming next week from iello.

From the post:

Sherlock and Moriarty. Moriarty and Sherlock. The incredible duel will soon have an epic conclusion as Moriarty and his partner have booby-trapped London’s most famous landmarks. The only remaining obstacle to Moriarty's diabolical plan is Sherlock's team, more determined than ever before to save the crown!

Time Bomb Evolution is a new Mini Game that will be available in just a few more days. Time Bomb… wait what? Who are you??


Time Bomb Evolution is a game from Yusuke Sato, drawn by Biboun. It will be available on May, 7th in your local game stores and may 21st online. It is part of the Mini Games collection.