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Thursday Terrain Corner

Oh, hey... it's Thursday. It's been a quick week, at least for me. Of course, and as always, not a complaint. Ready for that weekend coming up. Not sure what I'll be up to, but it'll hopefully be tasty and restful. In the meantime, though, I need to get your gaming tables looking good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

City of Absalom Terrain Coming From Paizo

Pathfinder Terrain’s story continues as we add a second location: the City of Absalom! It features the Tudor architectural style—perfect for any starter town a Game Master might wish for.

The city of Absalom is one of the oldest and most diverse cities in Golarion. Known as "The City at the Center of the World," it’s renowned for its enormous size and influence throughout the world.

Absalom boasts some of the finest—and oldest—buildings and monuments on the Inner Sea. Over the nearly 5 millennia since Aroden founded the city, Absalom has been built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again, resulting in a tapestry of architectural styles as diverse as the countless citizens and visitors who throng its streets and markets. Immigrants from every corner of Golarion can be found within the city’s walls, alongside their architecture, artwork, and customs.

Convent Gardens 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

I don't know whether to put only the new projects as the cover photo, or everything that can be purchased from here.... I would only put the new...

 You think? Perhaps the other can be... more attractive.

 Can. But it is to maintain the style. And to make the new project look better.

 Okay, you're right... But here I put the other one!