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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday already? This week is definitely motoring on by, at least for me. As usual, that's not a complaint. Bring me that weekend! But as we cruise along, it's good to take a look and see what we can do about making your gaming tables look the best they can. So, let's take a quick pit-stop in the Terrain Corner. Today we have:

City of Spiritdale Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The City of Spiritdale is a combination of magic and fantasy, where worlds collide, compete, cohere, or.. they battle. 

By backing this project you will receive the 6 main buildings below + all unlocked stretch goals for the potential total of 50+ .STL files.

No supports are required to print The City of Spiritdale. All files are pre split for printing on smaller FDM printers such as an Ender 3 or a Prusa.

Castle System Magnetic Modular Terrain Up On Kickstarter

CASTLE SYSTEM is a ready-to-play modular terrain, suitable for all 28-32 mm fantasy and historical tabletop games. No more clips! Thanks to the force of magnets you can now effortlessly build strongholds, towers and dungeons that will look stunning on your table, whatever RPG or wargame you love!

A Promenade in the Forest 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

  • A Promenade to the Forest is a 3D printable forest scenary for you to create that awsome landscape you always dreamed for your tabletop games.
  • All files have been made to work with 28 mm to 35mm scale miniatures so it is fully compatible with most games.

Modular 3D Print City Blocks Up On Kickstarter

Be the first to receive the files. Some files will be downloadable later in the shop but not all. The packages will be more expensive than here, so save them now and save up to 50%. The models are high quality and highly detailed. You can all models print with ABS or PLA. The mostly parts can be printed without Supports.

You need only a 3D home Printer, the files, filament and then only colors for painting this scenery.

The Tremendous Tome of Decorating Dungeons Coming to Kickstarter

Over the past decade or so, many role-players have decided to immerse themselves in the worlds they create by using 3D scenery and miniatures to give everyone a clear idea of the areas they’re adventuring through and the dangers they face. There are a lot of great terrain sets that are commercially available, and this book provides a lot of excellent ideas and techniques to help you make your collections unique to you and your gaming group.

 The Tremendous Tome of Decorating Dungeons, written by tabletop gaming veterans Jeff Hall and Dave Taylor, will be a must-have for gamers who haven’t painted terrain or miniatures before, but it will be a great refresher for veteran gamers wanting to up the immersion of their games.

 This book will be full of step-by-step instructions and inspirational examples, covering these major topics:

 What Dungeons and Caverns are available?

 We take a look at the various types of Dungeon and Cavern scenery commercially available, as well as explore the different types of pieces you can use to build impressive layouts for your RPG sessions.

 Planning out your collection

 Starting with sketching out your dungeons through to planning your purchases and even talking about storage options, we take a closer look at the best ways to get the most out of your collections.

 What Tools and Techniques can you use?

 We show you that you can do a lot of personalizing with a handful of tools and techniques that will expand your skills and set you up for creating amazing layouts for each of your RPG campaigns.

Step-by-step Examples for Dungeons and Caverns

 In this section, we guide you through some great examples of iconic settings and show you how to apply the techniques you have previously learned.

 Painting Your Adventurers and Monsters

 Once you’ve practiced your new skills on your dungeon layouts, you can apply the same techniques to your miniature adventuring parties and the myriad of monsters and evil minions they will face. We’ll provide a variety of suggestions for ways to make your collection unique to you.