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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. Sure, it feels like a Thursday. It seems as though we've gotten the days of the week feeling back on track. That's good. The random "day salad" wasn't the most fun, to be honest. Anyway, as it's feeling like a Thursday (because it is), let's get some terrain stories up in the Terrain Corner. Today, it's:

Formidable Fronts Modular Terrain Up On MyMiniFactory

Hexhog tabletops is excited to invite you to back for our first expansion, Formidable Fronts - Intricate and detailed modular hex designs for you to print and build futuristic battlefronts. This set expands on our original release, Hinterland Hills, which is made available again as part of this campaign in case you missed it, as the Core Set is *required* for these expansion designs.

Warm up your printers and prepare to build modular hill entrenchments or complete tables of grim futuristic battlefronts. This is a fully digital crowdfunding campaign and all files come ready for both FDM and resin printers.

DungeonMats Wave 2 Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to the second wave of DungeonMats - neoprene gaming mats designed for RPG/skirmish games. If you are a gamer that uses terrain and minis, and want beautiful battle maps designed to represent common environs, but not include obstacles in mat design that limit reusability, DungeonMats are perfect for you! I launched DungeonMats last year and hundreds of folks have enjoyed them on their gaming tables, and we are back with the second wave of the project, including restocks of the original designs + multiple new designs. You can see one in action over on this Black Magic Craft video.

Bulldozer Terrain Steampunk Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop wargaming should look great. We play these games because nothing beats the visual appeal of two fantasy armies going head-to-head on the tabletop. And part of that appeal is having a great looking, immersive terrain set to draw all of the action together. However, wargames sometimes call for precise model placements and measurements, and 3D terrain doesn't always make that possible. Many games have switched over to 2D terrain, which is great for clean play, but loses a lot of tabletop appeal.

Enter Bulldozer Terrain. This is a 3D printable terrain set designed with maximum playability in mind, while also looking fantastic. It includes all of the terrain types used in popular steampunk wargames, including pieces from tournament packs, so you can create an entire table's worth of visually cohesive, exceptionally playable terrain. Combine it with your existing 2D terrain set, or print of a set of the Bulldozer bases, and get playing!