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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. Considering how wonky the work week felt at the beginning, it seems to be evening out. Yesterday felt like a Wednesday. I can say that today fairly well feels like a Thursday. I guess that's something. And since it feels like a Thursday, that means we need to make your gaming tables look better. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

ArcKnight Roleplaying Objects 2.0 Up On Kickstarter

Flat, transparent, double-sided, plastic Furniture and Terrain pieces, pre-cut into shapes, that can be dropped down and because of their transparency will BLEND IN to the map (or table) below.

Arcknight is the industry leader in printing on transparent plastic. Our existing Object Sheets are beautiful to behold, and with this campaign we have 2 major objectives:

1 - Create a wide variety of metal dies to pre-cut objects into many layouts.

2 - Make a TONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN more of them!

RPG Maps Zine Issue 1 Up On Kickstarter

Each building has:

1) A black and white map drawn by Dark Realm Maps cartographer Toby Lancaster – these highly detailed maps are unique and full of items and furniture helping the DM imagine the space as if they are there.

2) A key for the rooms - quick reference list of the rooms.

3) Descriptions for each space – Room descriptors designed for the DM to read out and handy for setting the scene and understanding the space.

4) A plot hook – a short narrative that could be used as a plot, one shot or adventure idea.

5) Roleplay elements embedded – Building names and drawing details that indicate narrative.

Classic Scenery STL Terrain Files Up On Kickstarter

With this Kickstarter, we are exploring a way to offer quality STL FILES that you can print all the times that you need for less money than a resin copy of the models.

We offer two pledges, for personal use and commercial use.

These STL files will not be available after the kickstarter, just here and now, so if you like them get on board!