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Thursday Terrain Corner

I've still not quite figured out the flow of time this week. Yesterday seemed to take forever, but today, I've still be like, "ok, it's already Thursday." That means a Terrain Corner for you all. So, let's make those gaming tables look better.

Miniature Building Authority Eurovillage 2021 Project Up On Kickstarter

This is our latest selection of buildings to add to our European line of 28-32mm buildings. We are focusing on the town businesses for this Kickstarter. We are bringing you a new Tavern, Cobbler Shop, Cooper Shop, Bakery, and Brewery. Also, there are highly detailed accessories for the buildings to make your gaming tables terrain pop in cool details.

Hagglethorn Hollow STL Terrain Files Up On Kickstarter

Printable Scenery presents the fantastical world of Hagglethorn Hollow, now available as STL files for home 3D printing. This hand sculpted world from the mind of film industry sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen has been scanned on high-res 3D scanners and optimized for 3D printing.

City of Oxwell 2 Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome back to the City of Oxwell!

A city building system designed for 28mm tabletop adventuring! Using pieces from this set, you can mix and match to create houses and shops for your adventurers to explore. Pieces can be rotated for even more variety!

Fence Terrain Up On Kickstarter

3D Printing STL defensive structures, decorations, building and DYNAMIC model for Role Playing Games, Tabletop, Wargames & RPG needs

This project consists in a set of digital STL files, not physical products.

DeFence is my second kickstarter project and is based on a set of 3D printable STL including wooden defensive structures, decorative items, a building as well a dynamic model.

The DeFence models can be included in a wide variety of tabletop/rpg/wargame scenarios, from fantasy to realistic ones.

All the models included follow the 1:64 scale but they are resizable to fit your needs!!!