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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. I feel like I've got a handle on this Thursday, even if I can't use my right thumb still. But it's all good. The weekend will be here before we know it. And then, a couple days of just relaxing. That, and D&D on Sunday. But mostly relaxing. In the meantime, I gotta be getting you some terrain stories to make your tabletops look better. So, let's get to it.

Box of Adventure: Valley of Peril Available to Pre-Order from Loke Battle Mats

Loke Battle Mats’ Box of Adventure – Valley of Peril – is the system agnostic kit you have been waiting for. It combines modular maps and tokens of monsters, baddies and NPCs, everything you need to run any fantasy RPG. There are also terrain tokens and building tokens. As a result you can customise the maps and build your encounter areas however you want them.

1985 Games Announces New Dungeon Craft Kickstarter

Too much for just one book, we have filled these books to the brim with fantastically overgrown jungles, sprawling dungeons, and tribal camps, as well some of the most iconic locations from Wizards of the Coasts: "Tomb of Annihilation".

That's not all, this is our BIGGEST Kickstarter yet! We have dice, journals, maps and more, all with a distinct Jungle flair.

Stay tuned for more details as the date draws closer and make sure to use the links below and follow our social media. We're doing a dozen giveaways leading up to the launch and you don't want to miss out!