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Thursday Terrain Corner

And the week continues humming along. We've made it to Thursday. So, that means making your gaming table look better. Today's Terrain Corner entry is a bit more direct in that goal. Check it out.

Game Toppers 3.0 on Kickstarter

Game Toppers 3.0 is launching to build on and improve our first two successfully delivered projects. It has taken dedicated effort, working with industry insiders and professional engineers to develop Game Toppers 3.0 improvements and new products. This thoughtfully designed solution keeps affordability in mind, but also provides special features gamers desire while not sacrificing quality. Our standard Game Toppers provide a solid, high quality, powder coated aluminum rail that is very durable at a lower price while not sacrificing functionality. Our "New LUXURIANT & PREMIUM" options provide that extra luxury feel and look with all Natural Oak and Premium Walnut hardwood components. ...And now we have "NEW " Leg kits and Dining covers for the full table experience!

  • The Game Topper System provides Modular Collapsible Cup Holders & Accessories 
  •  Powder Coat Finish & Premium Wood Finishes to ensure durability
  •  Military Grade Aluminum for precise tolerances and strength
  •  3mm Premium Stitched Thematic Gaming Mats enhance the gaming experience
  •  Stable "non-slip" Performance while protecting your existing table's surface with our soft rubberized protection strips
  •  Optional Accessory Rail converts the larger Toppers into a mini. You can have 2 Toppers in one. 
  •  Fully Assembled - Sets up in just a couple of minutes.
  • Optional Leg Kit solutions and Dining covers
  • Made in the USA
  •  USA, Canada, Australia, UK, & EU friendly shipping and VAT