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Thursday Terrain Corner

And we come to a journalist's least-favorite day of the year. The amount of time I waste trying to sift through the extra nonsense today is staggering. That's why you're getting a ton of Kickstarter campaigns that started before today as the posts. You can trust the stories posted as being authentic and not some useless, "it's funny because it's something you wanted, but doesn't actually exist" thing. "It's just a joke, bro." No, it's wasting my time and I'm a very busy bear. Anyway, let's not joke around and make your gaming tables look better.

TriTerraTops Terrain Pieces Up On Kickstarter

TriTerraTops is an undulating and diverse modular terrain product we want to bring to gamers and hobbyist around the world. 

To create TriTerraTops we focused on three main aspects we felt were most important.

  • The design had to make an interesting, diverse and undulating terrain which meets the standards of the models and games now available.
  • The system had to be as modular as possible. We needed to make sure that this diverse and undulating terrain could be taken apart and reconfigured to create new layouts for the user to enjoy a different game every time they played.
  • As simple as possible. From the design to the use, simplicity and not requiring hundreds of small parts was really important. Making the terrain easier to set up and with as few pieces as possible.

After years of designing and testing prototypes, we have now decided to present this to the world. TriTerraTops is now created and ready to be made.

100+ Tabletop Maps for RPGs Up On Kickstarter

The collection of maps contains over 100 different maps and variations using a high quality design engine. Some maps have multiple variations and all of them include gridded and gridless versions, to make it easier for you to choose how to play. Also, from now until the end of this Campaign I will be adding more maps to the 100+ as stretch goals. The files can be used with any virtual tabletop you'd like, and can be printed off for tabletop play as well.

The maps cover many terrains and scenarios, some forests, some tree villages and even a complete old western town map with individual interiors, for your cowboy campaigns! Here are just a few examples of some of the maps available in the pack. More will be shared in updates as the campaign moves along, as well as potential stretch goal maps.

Modular 3D Print Terrain up On Kickstarter

Thank you for checking out War Games Essentials modular buildings on Kickstarter.

All of us at War Games Essentials want to provide the most dynamic terrain on the market.

When we thought about how we could accomplishing this, we found that modularity is the best way to make that goal a reality.

Whether you are fighting a huge battle or a small skirmish, a set of terrain that is modular and can scale with your battlefield needs is the best way to accomplish our goal.

We invite you to be one of the first on your block to have this amazing terrain at your disposal.

We guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for your interest and happy wargaming..