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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. I could generally get a handle on Thursdays. This week seems to be going by fine, so I'm good with it. Start of the week went by quick, but unlike last week, where I woke up on Thursday and thought it should be Friday already, today feels like it should be a Thursday. As such, it means I'm ready to make your gaming tables look better. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

New MDF Terrain Available From TTCombat

It’s a City Streets relaunch day, and there’s lots to see!

Today we’re taking a handful of old City Streets kits, knocking them into their MDF components, and building them up from scratch into brand new, remastered sets.

You might have been waiting for a while for these, so let’s waste no time and have a look, shall we?

Killzone Scenery Coming From Games Workshop

As you may have seen in our Sunday Preview, this week’s pre-orders see not only a brand new Kill Team expansion,* but also the return of the classic Killzone scenery and rules, all wrapped up in their own convenient book.