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Thursday Terrain Corner

Yesterday, I was worried that thinking it was Thursday already would make this work week take a long time to get through. I woke up this morning thinking, "Oh, it's already Thursday." So, apparently, my brain is just doing whatever with time this week. That's fine, as long as we're still progressing forward. And seeing as it is Thursday, we need to make your gaming tables look better. Quick one for you today, but in the Terrain Corner we have:

Draco Ideas Running Playmats Kickstarter

My kingdom for a PLAYMAT! made of neoprene, ideal for board games or miniatures.

A playmat! My kingdom for a PLAYMAT! That's what your table screams when you start to set up a game on it without using playmat

They prevent the game components from sliding around, the dice from rattling and leaving marks on the tables, they have a very pleasant feel and... they are so cute.... need more excuses?

As wargame players and publishers, we love playmats. That's why we've designed these mats for use with any game.