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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday already. The week's going by quickly. Usually, I've found that short weeks can often feel longer than regular ones. Not so this time. I'm like, "Oh, hey, it's Thursday already!" Of course, that's not a complaint, as it means I get back to gaming quicker. And gaming means gaming tables. And gaming tables means terrain. Let's make your tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Limited Hand-Painted Orc Hut Available From Acheson Creations

Limited High Quality Hand Painted Orc Hut

Also available unpainted

Now With 24-Hour Pine-Sol Wash.... Prime & Paint right out of the box!

28mm Orc House - Hand Painted system  

$44.99USD - painted, $24.99 unpainted

TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The best action scenes feature giant structures with extreme verticality. Bring that blockbuster drama to your tabletop with TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Release 2.1. The enormous SatComm Installation is worthy as the climactic set-piece location for any action franchise (RIP Arecibo). The MagLev Rail Starter creates an elevated battle space and adds a dynamic element to rail lines; it can be used standalone or in conjunction with the MagLev components from our previous release. Protect these strategic assets (or form an unforgiving arena enclosure) with the modular Perimeter Bundle, featuring a functional gate that opens and closes. The release is rounded out with new Tanker and Crate Containers, sized to fit onto the rail cars and work with our previous containers.