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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. We're clawing our way towards the weekend, everyone. We'll get there, I'm sure. Just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other. In the meantime, it's time to get some good terrain out on your tabletop. Let's see what's in the Terrain Corner today.

Hand-Painted Viking Stone House Available From Acheson Creations

Limited Release - Viking Stone House w/ Turf Roof - Hand Painted

Now available in both High quality hand painted and also unpainted versions

See some of our product with Miniature Building Authority at Siege of Augusta Convention this weekend - January 15-17, 2021

28mm Viking Stone House w/ Turf Roof - Hand Painted system  $49.99USD - painted, $24.99 unpainted

Space Ancients 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Whether you seek to defend or attack, the settlement of the Space Ancients is a perfect setting for your very own miniature battles. Have you been looking for an Eldar themed terrain set? Whether you want a full set of various models for any size table or an individual model, look no further!

  •  Don't have your own 3D printer? Not a problem! We're selling the models here, not STL files.
  •  Worried about print quality? We have been tuning our machines to print the models in excellent quality. You'll get our tested prints (unpainted) as seen in the pictures and videos.

Usable with 40k, Infinity, Star Wars Legion, Gates of Antares, or any other sci-fi wargame in 28/32mm scale.

Pledges will start printing and shipping as soon as your Pledge Manager response is complete!

All models provided unpainted. Some assembly required. Online assembly instructions available (coming soon online).

Shipping costs will be added in the Pledge Manager for all Table-Sized pledges. Shipping costs for Specific Items noted within Pledge description.

Iron Industries Modular Terrain Up On Kickstarter

We have been in business for 4 years now and have built up a nice amount of kits that use our specially designed Adaptive Terrain System. We are very proud of this system and would like to share it with the wider world. All these kits are compatible with each other, including existing ones and future releases.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our MDF scenery and are now ready to buy better lasers, computers etc. to help improve the speed and efficiency of designing our kits, whilst expanding our ranges of products that we can offer to you.

3D Print Scatter Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to my 7th Kickstarter and first ever scatter terrain project! The core set of this collection includes every piece of scatter terrain I have ever made. You'll find these pieces throughout my Patreon, Thingiverse, and other Kickstarters. This brings all of them together along with their pre-supported files.

Loke's Towns & Taverns RPG Map Books Coming This Month

Towns & Taverns – a set of 2 Modular Books of Maps for Roleplay - is the new modular map book release from Loke BattleMats. A unique product which combines easy storage and portability with up to an epic 2’x2’ map area and an endless number of urban fantasy map combination options.

These 2 beautiful map books are fully Laminated throughout and thus wipe clean. They will save hours of game preparation time and mean no more hastily drawn mid game maps. Just open & roll on our highly detailed maps!

The wire bound spine allows the books to open completely flat or fold in half to fit your space and adventure. It also means you can ensure the books are 100% level so your adventure can move seamlessly across the map.

Our linked designs feature standard entry & exit points so the books line up seamlessly allowing you to create your own maps from hundreds of combinations! Move seamlessly through alleyways, taverns, docks and coaching inns as your adventure unfolds.

The Towns & Taverns Books of Battle Mats feature -

•   Wipe Clean laminated pages of Urban Fantasy themed Battle Maps for RPG encounters

•   Two Hardback Books presented as a set

•   Portable, adaptable, expandable and modular.

•   Standard entry/exit points and linked designs allow you to create your own maps!

•   Wire Bound format, 360° spine offers unrivalled flexibility and lays completely flat.

•   1 inch grid design throughout.

So its over to you. Roll initiative……….

January also sees the launch of The Little Book of Battle Mats – Towns & Taverns edition. The perfect map book for random encounters, the Little book of Towns & Taverns lets you add extra rooms, bars, corridors and even ships just where you need them!

Loke are also expanding their range of handy Add-On Scenery for laminated RPG Maps, adding on new pack of Town Trimmings, Magic Effects and War & Siege stickers.

These reusable and durable static clings add features in moments and let you create the perfect scene for your story!

Available in your FLGS or from your Favourite online retailer from January 27 2021!