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Thursday Terrain Corner

Welcome to Thursday. I'm still honestly trying to get into the swing of the year. Doesn't feel like Thursday, to be honest. Still kinda feels like Wednesday. But, Thursday it is, and so that means we need to make your gaming tables look better. Quick Terrain Corner to start off the year, but here you go.

Into the Infinite Sci-Fi Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to the Second Kickstarter by Curious Few Games. Into the infinite presents files needed to create an entire play area based in a futuristic urban setting. 6 buildings with modular windows and doors, as well as removable roofs, set into a 6"x6" base tile. In addition plenty of scatter terrain and building customization options, such as lamp posts, ad kiosks, meters and conduits, lighting sconces, is provided to make re-use of a building feel different.