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Thursday Terrain Corner

Is this week just going by quickly for everyone? I feel like it is for me. And all of December seems to be racing by. Not a complaint, of course, but it feels like Monday could've been yesterday. Ah well. It's Thursday. We're almost back to the weekend. But we gotta get some terrain stories up for you first. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Ruins of Generica Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The Ruins of Generica campaign, brought to you by Devious Games, is a 3d printable set of ruins with an arch theme for your tabletop. Immerse your adventurers in the remains of the once thriving city of Generica. Let them wander through the streets or scuttle from hiding place to hiding place.

Initially you will receive 12 individual arch column files, a large circular Arch Shrine, 2 Arch Gallery pieces allowing tabletop games to be taken to higher levels and a set of pieces to make a ruined road running through the desolation. These pieces will be expanded on much, much further with the stretch goals. More variety in arch columns, a wider variety of gallery pieces, extras for the shrine, a ruined temple and much more yet to be revealed. 

Check out some 3d renders of the initial rewards plus the unlocked stretch goals directly below.

STL files are scaled for 28mm gaming.

Dark Stones Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to Dark Stones - The Cult Begins:

We have created amazing sets of arcane pieces to decorate your gaming table and enjoy with your RPG's, wargames and any board game.

What you will see next is the result of our passion for miniatures and board games, our dedication and effort that we share with you in shape of amazing pieces for your games.

Please, come in and enjoy!