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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're getting there, everyone. It's Thursday and the weekend will soon be upon us. I'm ready for it, as well as the short week that follows. But I don't want to get too ahead of myself. Still need to finish up this week. Heck, I need to finish up the day. And to do that, I need to finish up this post, which is bringing you terrain for your tabletops. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Fantasy Fortress Terrain Up On Kickstarter

DUN DUN DUN is the fort that walks the walk! 

Based on a Celtic ringfort - a feature of archaeology on both sides of the Irish sea - DUN DUN DUN! will make a perfect centrepiece to any Historical, Fantasy or Scifi campaign, a stalwart addition to your terrain boxes! PLUS we are bringing you tons of standalone goodies that you can indulge yourself in no matter what your budget. Before we go further, all 28mm figures are shown for scale purposes ONLY, this is a terrain Kickstarter!

Phobos Industrial: Printable OpenLOCK Sci-Fi Scenery Up On Kickstarter

Phobos Industrial consists of four sets designed to be mixed and matched to create a multitude of deep space, Sci Fi, or industrial locations for miniatures games. P.I is in 32mm scale and optimized for FDM printing. Our basic pledge, the Phobos Passport, gets you all four sets and all unlocked Stretch Goals.

 Our sets are designed to be mixed and matched with other Sci Fi sets to create expansive space stations, ship hulls, far out mining bases, and more.

Normandy Farm 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

This Campaign is for a wargame Normandy Farm and allows you to print and create your own unique rural farm. Although the farm is designed for WW2 it can be used in many other settings as well from the Sixteenth Century onwards through WW1, WW2 and into modern times. Even though the original files are designed for 28mm sized figures, they are able to be scaled down to suit 20mm and 15mm figures without losing detail. 

The models have been designed to be modular so that the floor and roof sections can be removed. This allows your miniatures, weapons and other items to be placed inside. 

There is no requirement for supports on any of these files. 

All prints that can be seen throughout this Campaign where printed at 0.2mm layer height.