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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. And a Thursday before a 3-day weekend. Of course, I'm excited about that. I've got some gaming planned. I've got some cooking planned. I've got some sleeping planned. It's going to be a good time. But, it's still Thursday and that means it's time to making your gaming tables look better.

Asian Adventures Terrain and Minis Up On Kickstarter

Hab Block Delta Terrain Up On Kickstarter

A new city range of terrain designed for easy stacking, set up and unique layouts. The kits use strong 5mm magnets to attach the different sections, rooves and addons together to make cities of any size. Each building has a series of magnets in the top and bottom. Using these magnets you can quickly snap the buildings onto roof panels and then onto other buildings. The edge of each roof has further magnets allowing for the attachment of various items such as railings, bridges and much more. Everything you need to build these kits is included.

This set has been designed by David from Garage Gaming Terrain. Garage Gaming Terrain. The aim of the Kickstarter is to raise enough funds for him to purchase a reasonable sized laser cutter to be able to set up his own website selling his buildings after the Kickstarter. At present he does not have the facilities to fulfil a Kickstarter. This is my role in the Kickstarter. I will be running the Kickstarter, the fulfilment and all aspects relating to the Kickstarter.

New 15mm Fortress Europe Releases Available From Acheson Creations

Our Sale continues through 30th September

20% discount on everything

40% for Club Members

Here is a sampling of what you can get -

15FE53  Log & Earth Bunker      $4.00

15FE54 Concrete Bunker w/ two firing positions  $4.00

15FE55 Small Concrete Bunker w/ Sandbags  $4.00

Items are sold unpainted.