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Thursday Terrain Corner

And we've made it to Thursday. More than half the week is over, so let's get this second half finished up and we can get back to the weekend. That sounds like a plan to me. And, as always for Thursdays, lets make sure that those gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain corner we have: Isolation Protocol Sci-Fi Terrain Coming to Kickstarter and Wildlands by Dwarven Forge Up On Kickstarter.

Isolation Protocol Sci-Fi Terrain Coming to Kickstarter

Corvus Games Terrain is an established Irish company designed 3D printable wargaming terrain compatible with multiple gaming systems. Isolation Protocol is the second Kickstarter from Corvus, after last year's hugely successful Sector Corvus Prime modular terrain. The new set is a huge bundle of digital STL files, allowing you to print completely modular terrain at home, and is compatible with the very popular WarLayer 4.0 system.

 Isolation Protocol will feature over 200 STL files, with a wide range of slot-in wall designs and roof options, and like every good Kickstarter, will have multiple unlockable stretch goals throughout the campaign.

 It's currently on pre-launch notification sign up, with the campaign launching on 1st September.

Wildlands by Dwarven Forge Up On Kickstarter

Imagine a diverse system of terrain to build the forests, mountains and swamps of your dreams: modular trees, grassy mounds, flowers, plants, rock formations, water features, fog, light and much, much more. Over 150 all-new, intricately hand sculpted, hand painted pieces. Fun, beautiful and built to last. Build new stories, challenges and memories every time you play. Presenting Wildlands!