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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday already? This week is just motoring on by for me. As always: not a complaint. I hope your week is going by nicely. I'm ready for a couple days off to just hang out and chill. I might figure out something I want to do during the time, but just hanging out is good, too. No gaming this weekend for me, but 2 games next week. And with games comes terrain. So, let's make those gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Tabletop Scenics Holding Frostgrave Terrain Giveaway, Make Tile Custom Dungeon Tile Creator Up On Kickstarter, and Dungeon Delights Terrain Up On Kickstarter.

Tabletop Scenics Holding Frostgrave Terrain Giveaway

Easily covering large portion of your board, Sacred Temple is a fantastic piece for Frostgrave games - not to mention that it's crucial for Complex Temple scenario!

Share, comment or react to this post - one of you gets to grab this set of Sacred Temple for free! Winner will be announced on Monday.

Make Tile Custom Dungeon Tile Creator Up On Kickstarter

MakeTile is a custom dungeon tile creator for Blender - the free, open source 3D modelling program. Using MakeTile you can simply and easily create 3D printable tiles of the exact dimensions you need, add procedurally generated, customizable materials to make them look like stone, wood, brick etc. hit the Make3D button and export them for printing. You can download the prototype version of MakeTile today (be warned, here be bugs!), and by backing this Kickstarter you can help me finish it off and add a ton of exciting new features.

Dungeon Delights Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to our first campaign: Dungeon Delights

Vinegar Fog endeavours to present the most entertaining and enjoyable STL files for your tabletop gaming needs.

Is the lack of ambience in your dungeon boring your players? Liven the place up with the screams of torture!! Gargles and cries shall once again flood your cavernous tunnels...

The contents of this Kickstarter are digital files in STL format, delivered to backers 2 weeks upon completion of the campaign.

Thank you for the support.