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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're already at Thursday. Usually, Wednesdays sort of drag on for me. But even yesterday flew on by. This whole week is just going by quickly. That's not a complaint, of course, as you know I love me some weekend. And there's plenty to watch online this weekend (actually, starting already today) with Gen Con Online happening. But, while we're not in Indy, we can still talk gaming. And talking gaming leads to gaming. And gaming gets you a good gaming table.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Shirelands Halfling Village Terrain Up On Kickstarter, WizKids Updates WarLock Terrain Tiles Clips, Printable Volcanic Planet Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and Hex Tile Add-On For MapForge Up On Kickstarter.

Shirelands Halfling Village Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to our second mini Patreon-linked Kickstarter campaign. This set was part of March's release but I ran out of time to add more to the village! I would like to take this opportunity to offer this set at the same price as Patreon for those that missed the month but also prefer not to use the subscription service. 

The campaign will be for 3D printable STL files with the Core Village Set delivered 2 weeks after the end of the campaign after all pledges have been confirmed by Kickstarter.

The models are suitable for 28-32mm games. All buildings have a playable interior with gridded floors and working doors. 

Please note that there will be no late pledges for this campaign. After this campaign closes the set will be split and added to our store - this is an amazing value!

Please take a look at some of the models in the village!

WizKids Updates WarLock Terrain Tiles Clips

Earlier this month the WarLock™ Tiles system launched to much anticipation and excitement, and we are happy to report it is a great success! We see your posts and builds on social media, and your eagerness to put the sets to use in your games. Along with this, you shared your feedback and input about what you are noticing as you work with the products.

One noticeable bit of commentary revolved around the clips. When we created the clips, we wanted to be sure they were secure, held builds together reliably, and were also strong enough for those that wanted their rooms to be mobile. Over the last month we’ve been working with our play-testers, and discovered some people want to build it to make it secure, while at the same time, there are others who want it for quick builds. So, we want to accommodate both styles of use!

We are thrilled to announce the newest clip addition, WarLock EZ Clips, which are designed to help you with creating those faster builds. This variety of clip is made of much softer plastic and will be offered for $4.99 for 100 clips. It’s our hope to have them on the market soon!We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep an open line of communication with us. Your thoughts and responses to the tiles are helping us constantly improve and enhance the features we worked hard on incorporating into the design of this system.

Thank you for being part of the WizKids and WarLock Tiles community! We can’t wait to show you what else is in development to take your gaming experiences to new levels of immersion.

Printable Volcanic Planet Terrain Up On Kickstarter

After two successful Kickstarter projects, both based on 1/285-6 mm scale and focused on middle east and eastern Europe buildings, we found ourselves so plenty of new ideas that we decided to go straight back to the design desks but this time a new "Force" was awakening. Fostered by the rapid success our first projects, both founded in less than 48 hours, we decided to switch, for a while, our focus on something different, something related to our (new) and current wargaming experience...

So here we are to present our new project.

Hex Tile Add-On For MapForge Up On Kickstarter

MapForge is map-making software that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2017. Version 1.0 of MapForge was released in 2018, along with an incredible 50 content Add-Ons for it from leading content providers. Since then, the number of content Add-Ons has more than doubled. Those of you who are new to MapForge should please visit the above links for more information about the software (it's simply too much information to repeat here). The FAQ for the original campaign is also a useful source of information.