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Thursday Terrain Corner

This must be a Thursday. Never could get a handle on Thursdays. Actually, it's not so bad. It's just been a rather busy week. That's fine, of course, because it means the week's been going by quickly. That means the weekend's almost upon us. And, hopefully for you, the weekend means gaming. I'll be gaming virtually on Sunday. If you're playing in person, I hope you're staying safe, and you'll also need to make sure your gaming table looks good. Let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Hinterland Hills Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Fantastic Plants and Rocks Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Kraken Fantasy Stadiums Up On Kickstarter, and Dragonlock: Valis Mortis Up On Kickstarer.

Hinterland Hills Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hinterland Hills is the first product using the Hexhog Tabletop Terrain System. This is a high-quality, modular, hexagonal terrain system which allows for creativity and scalability. Hinterland hills allows you to build terrain out and UP from the tabletop - and can be put away for easy storage and transport.

Fantastic Plants and Rocks Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hello fellow tabletop gamers! My name’s Emmanuel Lepas (better known asPrintYourMonsters from Patreon) and I’m excited to introduce my first Kickstarter Project - Fantastic Plants & Rocks!

Kraken Fantasy Stadiums Up On Kickstarter

A key aspect of any "FANTASY FOOTBALL" team is their Stadium. The place where the most epic games happen as well as the place to forge a legendary team. 

It all begins here.

At KRAKEN 3D STUDIOS we have created a set of modular scenery elements in the shape of STL 3D printable files to create these massive football fields. What's more, we are populating them with miniatures and breathing life into them!

Dragonlock: Valis Mortis Up On Kickstarer

VALLIS MORTIS, the valley of the dead, is the campaign world created by Fat Dragon Games founder Tom Tullis over 35 years ago. Starting with this Kickstarter, and continuing with future campaigns, locations in this setting will be brought to life as richly detailed 3D printable models, and an accompanying campaign setting pdf will feature information on each location as it is released. This Kickstarter will feature locations such as the village of Dragonshire, excursions into the depths of Shadowgrove, unholy shrines deep within Vallis Mortis, the wight infested barrows of Barrowdeep, and much more! 

DRAGONLOCK™ is an interlocking terrain system that allows you to create fully modular, multi-level 28mm scale village terrain for your RPG or wargame on your home 3D printer. Each set is delivered in a downloadable .stl format via our online distribution partner, and once you have the set, you can print as many pieces as you like and never run out or need to purchase more. These terrain sets represent the culmination of over fifteen years of gaming terrain design experience.