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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday already? This week's going by quickly, at least for me. I'm hoping that yours is going by quickly and without a lot of speed bumps. We'll soon be back at the weekend and all the hopeful fun it entails. Or, if not fun, relaxation. One of the two, anyway. Such as it is Thursday, we should also make sure your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Fortress Pacific Releases Available From Acheson Creations, TTCombat Previews New French Buildings, and Adventure Tiles: Darkharrow Crypt Up On Kickstarter

Fortress Pacific Releases Available From Acheson Creations

28mm Scale - These products can also be used not just for WW2 but also Vietnam

20% to 40% Discounts

     The sale continues and Kongo-Afrika pledge levels are shipping every week!

Items are sold unpainted. Figures shown for comparison.

Japanese Coconut Log Bunker for AT Gun $12.00USD

Japanese Reinforced Concrete Tetrahedron Beach Obstacle (4) $4.00USD

Japanese Sniper Position w/ Palm Tree $6.60USD

Coconut Seawall o/s Corner 15 degree angle $6.60USD

Straight Seawall Section w/ Inf. Position $8.00USD

TTCombat Previews New French Buildings

Back to France!

Last Friday saw the first half of our French City kits for the World War range, and this week we’re heading back for the rest of them!

Adventure Tiles: Darkharrow Crypt Up On Kickstarter

Adventure Tiles: Darkharrow Crypt is a collection of detailed 2D terrain tiles designed for use with traditional and virtual tabletop RPGs. The tiles in this series are modular and can be arranged in nearly infinite configurations using tiles from a single set or by combining different sets into the custom dungeons of your dreams.