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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. Gateway to the gateway to the weekend. Friday Eve. Just a little longer and we'll make it back to the weekend. As always, I'm excited about that. I've got D&D both Saturday and Sunday. I hope you've got some games lined up as well. But even if you don't, we'll have gaming again soon, and that means we need some good-looking gaming tables.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Eastern Front Terrain Available From Acheson Creations, TTCombat Previews New WWII Terrain, and Monster Fight Club Previews New Terrain.

New Eastern Front Terrain Available From Acheson Creations

The sale continues and Kongo-Afrika pledge levels are shipping every week!

Buildings are sold unpainted. Painted and mounted items below by Evil Bob’s Miniature Painting.

Corner House Ruin w/ Window                                              $2.4USD

German Tobruk VFv w/ APX-R Turret                                  $8.00USD

Hedgerow Section w/ Infantry position(medium base)    $5.60USD

Large Earth Tank Redoubt                                                      $5.60USD

Log & Earth Gun Bunker (large base)                                  $8.00USD

Destroyed Concrete Seawall Section (pkg.4)                      $4.00USD

German Concrete MG Bunker w/ blast wall on left          $6.40USD

Fuel Dump on Large Base                                                       $1.60USD

(Prices are shown at Sale price of 20% off)

TTCombat Previews New WWII Terrain

War! What is it good for? Making cool scenery.

This week we’re releasing the first in a new batch of World War terrain!

Made in 25mm scale, we’ve already seen a rustic village, but this time we have a WW2 themed (or WW1 come to think about it) French city.

Monster Fight Club Previews New Terrain

First we reimagined wargaming trees, now we're reinventing buildings!

Monster Scenery: Metropolis is full range of modular, stacking, city buildings -- plus all the details your city needs: fire escapes, ladders, cargo, bus stops, fences, and more! From historical battles to super-powered adventures, these new buildings are a fast and easy way to take your games to new heights!