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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. We're making our way steadily through the week. Last night, a friend was talking about wanting salty caramel brownies. I mentioned that I can very definitely make those. So, long story short: a friend will be doing an ingredient drop-off sometime a little later today and I will be making brownies for them. I'm actually rather excited about having a project like that, as it feels like forever since I've baked anything for friends. Baking for friends is one of my favorite activities. I really can't wait. But, in the meantime, we need to get your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Acheson Creation's Sale Continues and TTCombat Previews New Game Mats.

Acheson Creation's Sale Continues

20% everything...40% for Club Members

5 Free Accessories every order $35.00 or more.

 Thank you for the business during these difficult times.

Newly Added Accessories -

SciFi Junk        $1.00USD

Crater w/ Concrete Slab   $1.00USD

Small Gears & Pipe   $1.00USD

Two African Masks w/ Ferns   $1.00USD

Large African Mask, against Stone Wall  $2.00USD

* No sale code is required as prices shown are 20% off for duration of the sale and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. Join our club for $30.00 for a year and get the extra discount during the sale.

TTCombat Previews New Game Mats

It’s our first new product launch since March this week. We’ve mentioned this more than a few times and it’s finally happening! TTCombat gaming mats!

This Friday sees the launch of the long awaited TTCombat gaming mats. Avaialble in 13 different designs and 4 different sizes. Made from Neoprene and they even come with their own storage and carry bag!

Joe is busy, very busy photographing them, and was adamant he was too busy to get me some to share with you here. So I asked him to go downstairs to get me a D3 dice and I snuck some pictures to at least show something to you all.