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Thursday Terrain Corner

Another rainy day here in Atlanta. Not a complaint, mind you. I like rain. And before you say "that's depressing," remember that the places it rains all the time are called the rainforests. They're the most bio-dense and bio-diverse places on the planet. So nyah. :P

Anyway, we need to get you some terrain to make your games look good.

In the Terrain Corner we have: 3D Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Tizec Modular Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and Delve to Hell Dungeon Maps Up On Kickstarter.

3D Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter

You will receive light-STL files, all in digital elements in order to print them with your 3D Printer. The Project started as an idea for a customizable scenario for board games or wargaming. The philosophy is to have something really easy to transport and set up. The scale of the piece is made for 32mm miniatures (games workshop size). The project so far contains more than 160 procedural pieces, in order to create exactly what you want. Any singular piece can be assembled in many ways with other pieces. The "Development Edition" includes the software version, which allows you to edit anything you like, according to your needs.

The “Development Edition” contains every part of the model, even with no design, in order to make it easy to make changes. Each file is in obj and stl format.

Tizec Modular Terrain Up On Kickstarter

We strive to make the best modular terrain for all of your wargaming and RPG needs. Working tirelessly, we created an in depth narrative and terrain to go with it. Our primary focus was creating a TRUE three dimensional terrain that allows multiple levels for people who may have less space. This way you can save space without losing substance and utility! As people who've dealt with this problem, we wanted to include everyone when making this terrain so that you can sit down anywhere, snap your pieces together, and play. When the battle is done, or the story concluded, the pieces can disassemble and be stored just as easy as it was to put them together! Choose between having Resin Cast Pieces or for the people with 3D printers you can get our STL's of any building you want!

Delve to Hell Dungeon Maps Up On Kickstarter

DELVE to HELL is a series of 26 isometric dungeon maps that begin at a tavern and end at the gates of Hell. Launched as part of Kickstarter's Zine Quest challenge - the final product with be a 32 Page Zine (5.5 x 8.5). This project is illustrated in the style of such past delves as The Trickle, The Iron Pine, and Hanigan’s Crypt. The maps contained in DELVE to HELL are black & white, highly detailed and great for tabletop play. With the exception of the introduction, all pages are text-free for convenient use as rpg material. The entire series depicts a continuous trek from the surface to the depths of the underworld. Maps can be used individually or together as one complete delve. Great for GMs who enjoy populating dungeons and testing the mettle of players.