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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday! Weekend Eve Eve. We'll get back to those days off soon enough. Despite it being a short week, since it was Labor Day last Monday, it feels like the week's just taking forever. Ah well, we're getting there. And even though the week's taking forever, it's a quick Terrain Corner today. Technically speaking, it's not really terrain, but it still fits.

Today we have: New Gaming Table Available From Deep-Cut Studio

New Gaming Table Available From Deep-Cut Studio


What if you could start playing a tabletop game in around 5 seconds after you thought about it? No set-up, no component sorting, no hassle to get yourself ready. What if you could pause it and continue after a week or a month from the same point where you left it? With a new game table that's how you play your tabletops - with a snap of a finger you are in the action and with another snap you are doing something else. Check what it's all about