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Thursday Terrain Corner

Happy Friday Eve! We're almost through the first week of "normalcy" after Gen Con (my week last week was all still kinda weird). Just gotta get everything back to the weekend and I'll be back in my comfortable routine (don't call it a rut!) again. That means, of course, giving you some cool terrain news now.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: HandyMaps Terrain Cards Up On Kickstarter, Villainous Locales Maps Up On Kickstarter, Snake Eyes Gaming Running 3D Printable Terrain Kickstarter, and Castle Maps For RPGs Up On Kickstarter.

HandyMaps Terrain Cards Up On Kickstarter

So, we are creating a set of ten, double-sided A5 (5.85" wide x 8.27" high) map cards to be used as player handouts for quick village and town layouts for Game Masters.

Villainous Locales Maps Up On Kickstarter

Villainous Locales is the map-centric, system-neutral follow-up to the #1 bestselling Villainous Compendium.

Within, you'll find dozens of full-color, fully-annotated maps in battlemap style and scale, ready to use in any fantasy RPG campaign setting, gaming group, and rules system.

Villainous Locales may be used on its own, or enjoyed in combination with the Villainous Compendium, a rich tome full of dozens of richly-detailed villains for Pathfinder and 5E.

Villainous Locales also comes with ultra-high-resolution individual image files of each map, in both GM and Player-redacted format, for further editing, or for use in combination with virtual tabletop (VTT) programs for your own personal use in gaming.

Snake Eyes Gaming Running 3D Printable Terrain Kickstarter

This campaign created by Snake Eyes Gaming gives you access to various 3D .stl files for you to print on your own printer through the pledges we are offering. All pieces are originals designed by our technicians at the Snake Eyes Gaming lab. Well, one technician, and probably not a "lab." Anyways, our designer is remarkably talented.

Through modularity and alternate pieces these models will become a must for your tabletop as they fit a wide variety of themes. Originally designed for 28-32mm scale board/wargames, most of the models can be also scaled down, or up, to match your needs; the detail scales beautifully. Suitable for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or historical warfare, such as Warhammer 40K, Star wars themed games, Bolt Action, Dust, and much more.

This campaign takes you to the fantasy realm of Fel'Haven. The files included will allow you to experience the rocky landscape, ruined stone architecture of eras long past, swampy pools overflowing with toxic liquids, and craters blasted into the earth from hard fought battles.

Pictured below are the core models that are included in this campaign. The majority of these images are of completed, fully printed and painted models.

Castle Maps For RPGs Up On Kickstarter

Are you a Game Master that likes (or wants) to create your own homebrew fantasy RPG adventures? If you are, excellent! In crafting an adventure, you select interesting monsters for the player characters to fight, place treasures hear and there, and determine a goal for the party to achieve; e.g., rescue a princess (or prince), recover a wondrous magic item, or rid an area of the aforementioned dangerous monsters. Finally, everything needs to be placed into an interesting map.

That last step can be a chore. We at Wyrmkeep Entertainment would like to offer a solution: a supplement chock-full or maps! There will be buildings, castles, dungeons and more, in various sizes from single shops, multi-room temples, structures of many levels, and maps that cover two 8½” by 11” pages. Even a map that violates Euclidian geometry!