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Thursday Terrain Corner

Friday Eve. The weekend is nearly upon us. I'm not only looking forward to that, but my latest Heatonist box will be here today at some point. So there's plenty to be excited about. There's also plenty to be excited about because we've got some really amazing terrain projects to show you today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: MagnaHex Terrain System Up On Kickstarter, ESLOTerrain Running 3d Printable Castle Kickstarter, Tinywargames Roads and Rivers Up On Kickstarter, and Tabletop World's Altburg Stable Up On Kicktsarter.

MagnaHex Terrain System Up On Kickstarter

MagneHex is 3-dimensional tabletop terrain system, built using magnetically interlocking hexes. The hexes are available in a variety of topographies and color palettes, allowing you to assemble terrain for any wargame or RPG setting. It's highly modular, flexible, sturdy, portable, and perfectly reusable.  

ESLOTerrain Running 3d Printable Castle Kickstarter

Be the first to receive the files. Some files will be downloadable later in the shop but not all. The packages will be more expensive than here, so save them now and save up to 35%. The models are high quality and highly detailed. You can all models print with ABS or PLA. The mostly parts can be printed without Supports.

You need only a 3D home Printer, the files, filament and then only colors for painting this scenery.

Tinywargames Roads and Rivers Up On Kickstarter

4x4 feet cloths that can be self cut to make a collection of roads and rivers to use in tabletop wargames, instant roads and river sections to match your existing terrain or mats from tinywargames. Available in all scales up to 28mm.

Choose from SNOW, RIVERS, DESERT, DUSTY or MODERN Roads. Trim using a sharp Stanley blade and steel ruler or a long pair of sharp scissors.

Tabletop World's Altburg Stable Up On Kicktsarter

Tabletop World is considered to be the finest and most detailed resin wargames terrain on the market. We at Broken Egg Games have partnered with Tabletop World to help bring a new line of 32mm based fantasy terrain to life! Through a series of kickstarters this new line of terrain, called Altburg, will grow into a sprawling city-scape to be used with your favorite RPG or skirmish war games!

Altburg buildings will not only be larger scale but also constructed to support interchangeable parts for each building. This will allow our customers to have some modularity for their gameplay while maintaining the beauty and detail for which Tabletop World is known. We wanted to create a building that would be useful to the story, appeal to a large audience of wargamers and RPG players and offer something unique that is not already available in the smaller scale line.

Enter the Stable!