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Thursday Terrain Corner

Friday Eve. We're almost back to the weekend. I'm planning on just taking it easy, because sometimes a, "not do anything of any real consequence" weekend is nice. But eventually I'll have a gaming weekend again, and I'll want to make sure my gaming table looks good. You should make sure of that, too.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: PuzzleLock Sewers & Undercity Terrain Available Now, RPG Map Tiles Up On Kickstarter, and Battle Systems Terrain Kickstarter Happening Now.

PuzzleLock Sewers & Undercity Terrain Available Now

Large RPG Cities, just like Rome or Paris, have sewer systems for the primary purpose of drainage–to keep their streets from flooding. The sewers channel storm water away from the city.

Whether your RPG campaign is set in Balder’s Gate, Calimport or Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms; Beneath the sprawling streets of Ravnica, or in the underground canals of Sigil in the outer planes, your adventures are likely to take you into the Sewers and Undercity….

PuzzleLock Sewers and Undercity is a 3d printable terrain for 28mm tabletop RPGs. The tiles connect like a jigsaw puzzle–there is no need for clips or magnets, and the tiles require no supports for printing.

There are 23 .stl files in the set, each one exquisitely detailed to create an immersive environment. The modular design will allow you to create an endless labrinth of Sewers and Undercity.

RPG Map Tiles Up On Kickstarter

Everyone knows that having a wonderful resin scenery set-up, or a fancy neoprene battle map for those set-piece battles is great

But what about random encounters or locations you haven’t planned for? Or what if (like me) you simply don’t have the budget for loads of scenery? 

And how do you even transport all that stuff to the game anyway? And even then, how do you keep things sufficiently varied?

When I started using maps and miniatures for my own RPG games these were questions I had to find answers to. 

And that’s where my map tiles come in. 

Battle Systems Terrain Kickstarter Happening Now

We are Battle Systems and we’ve been making tabletop gaming terrain for over seven years. We have successful urban and sci-fi ranges on sale and even our own tabletop game, but now we want to revisit the world of fantasy!

This terrain is suitable for all 28-35mm fantasy and historical games. It is easy to assemble and there is no painting required! It can even be flat packed back into the box for easy storage between games. It is made of pre-printed super-high-density cardstock and is incredibly strong and durable. 

The Fantasy Gaming Table pledge will get you all the terrain you need for a complete gaming table for just £75. You can tightly pack the terrain into a 3' x 3' / 90cm x 90cm skirmish board, or spread it out over a 6' x 4' / 180cm x 120cm battlefield for wargaming.