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Thursday Terrain Corner

Happy Friday Eve! I know I'm ready for the weekend, mostly because I get to play some D&D on Saturday. Need to see if we can go get our Rogue back after they got... somewhat-willfully-kidnapped. It's a long story. But anyway, D&D means possibly some terrain, and we want to make sure everyone's gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Adventure Realm RPG Tiles Cave and Caverns Set Up On Kickstarter, Fantasy Flight Releases New Raid Mat For Imperial Assault, New Northland Mat From Deep-Cut Studio, and New Grassland Game Mat From The Wargaming Company.

Adventure Realm RPG Tiles Cave and Caverns Set Up On Kickstarter

Build better tabletop gaming world with Adventure Realms map tiles. This project will fund the fourth set in our popular Adventures Realms range, giving you the most flexible choice of our gaming tiles to date.

First we brought you the Town and Wilderness set, ideal for so many adventuring settings. Next came the Castle and Dungeon set, adding stone walls and murky tunnels to your gaming world. Then we added the Village and Riverland set, giving depth to the world beyond the city walls. This time we're going underground, venturing into the dark with our awesome Cave & Cavern set.

Fantasy Flight Releases New Raid Mat For Imperial Assault

You’ve returned to Hoth, defeated Jabba in his own palace, and outwitted everyone whose opposed you in skirmishes. Now, Legends of the Alliance brings a whole new challenge to the world of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Malastarian Outpost raidand Malastarian Outpost Raid Map for the Legends of the Alliance App and Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

The Malastarian Outpost raid introduces a totally new way to play Star Wars:Imperial Assault that sees you and your friends battling to gain fame by defeating enemies and gathering intel. Do well enough and you may even find yourselves in the Hall of Legends, where high scores are recorded across the Legends of the Alliance app! Raid mode is a purely tactical affair, focusing more on strategic decisions over story and narrative.

New Northland Mat From Deep-Cut Studio


New game mat release to refresh you these hot summer days! Northland design pushes the limits to capture freezing nature in its most majestic moment. Every tiny detail is polished to a perfection and carries a message - a truly epic battlefield for epic battles.

New Grassland Game Mat From The Wargaming Company

The Grasslands Game Mat can be the foundation of diorama like games, adding realism and visual depth to your gaming table. In combination with NOCH trees and our other terrain products, you can create engrossing vistas.

The Grasslands Game Mat is available for pre-order today for free delivery to Historicon 2019, and expected to ship beginning 19 July 2019.