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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. We're making our way there. The weekend is just up ahead. Not entirely sure what I'll be up to. Probably taking it easy. No D&D this weekend, but we will the weekend after. And that'll probably mean the need for terrain. So, let's make those gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Battle Bocage Kits From World War Gaming, Bio-Craft 3D Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and New Nomads Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio.

New Battle Bocage Kits From World War Gaming

Bio-Craft 3D Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter

We are very excited to present BIO-CRAFT in an affordable STL format for gamers with 3D printers. I spent a great deal of time and energy on this project and hope that it finds an audience. I love to make bio-mechanical art and play tabletop games. The BIO-CRAFT line of gaming tiles are inspired by my love of surreal art by H.R. Giger and many science fiction movies I still marvel at watching. 

For those of you without a printer, like me, check out this link for 34 of the best online 3D printing services of 2019. Companies which do printing on demand. You just upload the file(s) and pick the material you would like it to be printed in. They have all sorts of durable plastic materials even several metals as an option. Imagine BIO-CRAFT in silver!

New Nomads Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio

Nomads get a new dedicated designed for Infinity game mat! After the blasting reveal at UK Games Expo it is released for all of you around the world to enjoy. Exceptional eye candy in exceptional quality awaits