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Thursday Terrain Corner

Friday Eve. Also Weekend Eve Eve. Whatever you want to call it, the weekend is getting closer. We're in the back-half of the work week and those couple of days off draw ever-closer. I'm ready for it, because we've got D&D again this weekend and it should be an interesting session. Gotta go rescue a party member. That probably means fights. And fights means terrain. And terrain is what we're here to bring you today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: Hogwarts Deluxe Scenery Set Available From Knight Models, Post-Apocalyptic Terrain and Mats Up On Kickstarter, and Terrains4Games Previews Watermill.

Hogwarts Deluxe Scenery Set Available From Knight Models

Take your games to the next level with the Hogwarts deluxe scenery. Recreate the most exciting moments of the Harry Potter saga with this impressive element of scenography and feel like a true wizard assaulting or defending Hogwarts.

The set includes:
- DM wooden stage ready to assemble and paint.

Resin elements:
- Two owls.
- Two statues.
- Two swords.
- Two halberds.
- Two shields
- Two gargoyles.
- Instructions in digital format.

Post-Apocalyptic Terrain and Mats Up On Kickstarter

The Build to Survive collection, by LOOTgames, is our second set of 3d printable files for you to use as add-ons for your favorite wargames, such as Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Necromunda, Star Wars, Kill Team, as well as many tabletop RPGs.

Terrains4Games Previews Watermill

💥 WATERMILL💥 the building that many of you have been waiting for.