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Thursday Terrain Corner

Good news! The doctor says I'm not in danger of immediately dropping dead. So I've got that going for me. In celebration, let's look at some terrain (hey, we all celebrate in different ways).

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Axe N Shield Terrain Risers Up On Kickstarter, Tabletop Scenics 24 Hour Sale Happening Now, Modular Map Tiles Up On Kickstarter, and TerraScapes Hextiles Up On Kickstarter.

Axe N Shield Terrain Risers Up On Kickstarter

The Axe N Shield KS1 project is the first step in unveiling modifications to existing products, making available new product lines (Mini Flyers, Druid Wild Shapes, Custom Condition Markers, and more), opening up new customization options throughout our product lines, and adding unprecedented options for existing terrain owners.

Tabletop Scenics 24 Hour Sale Happening Now

It's been a crazy ride - and there are whole lot more adventures ahead of us. Thank you folks - for being part of this journey.

Modular Map Tiles Up On Kickstarter

Don't be stuck drawing maps with dry erase marker ever again. This collection of 350+ Modular Map Tiles makes sure that your players have a unique map to play on every session. Whether they are looking for loot in dungeons, getting lost in a forest, or fighting monsters in the caverns below, your players will love the immersive experience these map tiles will add to their campaign. Perfect for at home printing, or for use online.

TerraScapes Hextiles Up On Kickstarter

TerraScapes: Hextiles is a 3d-printable modular flat terrain system for tabletop games of any genre! They are designed to provide the ground cover and open environment you desire most for your game. Bringing the Hextile concept to 3d-Printers was intuitive for me. Those of us who love this type of terrain know that Hextiles bring a level of modularity proportional to the number differing tiles! At the launch of this project, I have already designed, printed and tested 75 different modular hex tiles for this project! To offer so many options as anything but a 3D-Printable resource would be an exhausting enterprise for me to say the least!