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Thursday Terrain Corner

Friday Eve. I hope you're getting good and prepped for the weekend. Hopefully lots of gaming on the horizon. And, of course, where there's gaming, there's gaming tables. And where there's gaming tables, there's hopefully good-looking gaming tables. Let's help out with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: WizKids Announces New Line of RPG Miniatures for Player Environments, Fantasy Art Pack: Merchants & Royalty Up On Kickstarter, Aztec Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and RPG Dungeon Dice & Cards Up On Kickstarter.

WizKids Announces New Line of RPG Miniatures for Player Environments

WizKids, the industry leader in high-quality pre-painted miniatures, today announced a new line of terrain building miniatures, WarLock Dungeon Tiles, releasing in early 2020!

First previewed at GAMA Trade Show in March, this all-new release will make it easier than ever before for players to create fully immersive environments for their RPG campaigns! WarLock Dungeon Tiles are 2 inch squares and are gridded in order to make it significantly easier to assemble new environments on the fly. Each tile is pre-painted, with two types of terrain, one on each side, adding to the versatility of these excellent pieces.

Additionally, WizKids has come up with a novel solution to the oft-cited problem of walls intruding on grid-space. The exterior walls are offset, and the interior walls are super thin, and can be placed between tiles with ease, preventing obtrusion onto the tiles themselves.

“WizKids WarLock Dungeon Tiles address a lot of the issues with current offerings on the market,” said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids. “WarLock tiles are quick and easy to assemble, consisting of tiles and clips which will allow GMs to build complete rooms with walls and working features, are cost effective and available at retail, not just online – allowing for the ultimate player experience for everyone!”

Fantasy Art Pack: Merchants & Royalty Up On Kickstarter

Hello friends, I am back with a new project and I am very excited to launch my first complete art packs.

The first one is all about merchant

( majorly because I want to do a huge map project soon which will be a huge market square with buildings and tents and shops . Me and Steve will be working on it as soon as he catch up with his own projects ;-) )

-160 Items, Tents, tables filled with , food, clothes, weapons , books, drinks and more, a good part of these are presets ( Preset definition; Arrangement of multiple objects joined together to make a bigger and more complex one, like a table with 25 daggers on it and a candle, this way you don't have to create it yourself piece by piece. Lots of single items too, crates box, carts and so on.

The second is Royalty.

215+ items like Precious stuff that you would find only in a castle or manor, armors ,thrones, feasts , prayer room, rich living room tables and sofas, king size beds with rich drapes and paintings, vases luxury wagons and so on. Again a good part of these are presets.

So both combined gives you an amazing amount of 375+ arts, all done by myself for the first time.

I hope it will be a successes so I can continue making new ones and create more and more models ( I do admit I really love to do theses, it's a ton of fun ! ;-)

So take a look at some of the arts you are getting and hope we have an amazing campaign.

Aztec Terrain Up On Kickstarter

After 2 years of development Lunesdargent Workshop is back with The Path to El Dorado - Aztec Dungeon tiles. Our unique design is inspired by real Mesoamerican ruins. We are still in the exotic and cultural tiles because we aim for immersive gaming and we wish to inspire a feeling of realism in your games and express the fascination for ancient civilizations that animate us.

A larger team, new dungeons and a workshop large enough ship everything in bulk to US and worldwide instead of one order at a time, theses are the goals of this crowdfunding campaign.

RPG Dungeon Dice & Cards Up On Kickstarter

DungeonMorph dice & cards will remind many long-time gamers of the classic dungeon geomorph booklets of dungeon maps. The spirit of these have been carried on by a number of illustrators/cartographers who create new, inter-connectable 10x10 geomorph fragments for anyone to use. The designs follow a format innovated by Dyson Logos which has corridors on the 3rd & 8th square of each side.

This new Kickstarter is to create three new sets of 5 dice each with a different design on each side of each die. (90 designs in all.) As with the original DungeonMorphs Kickstarter, two sets will be dungeon designs and one will be caverns.